<Chris Kelly>
About Me
Hey, I'm Chris. I'm a software developer and student in Victoria, BC.
I love engineering elegant solutions to hard problems, and learning new things.
Right now, I am particularly interested in computer networks, web development, and distributed systems.
My hobbies are programming, rock climbing, hiking, and learning about new topics in computer science, mathematics, and biology.
Previous work
  • Shopify - In the winter of 2017, I worked as a software developer intern at Shopify.

    I worked on increasing the success of new merchants (0 to 3 months). To further this goal, my team and I conducted UX research to identify possible areas of improvement in Shopify's admin.

    We used the insights gained to design new features, which were released as experiments, and used the data from those experiments to iterate and further improve the admin experience. I was involved in architecting, designing, and implementing these new features, often without precedent at Shopify.

  • Shopify - In the summer of 2016, I worked as a software developer intern at Shopify.

    I worked primarily on the merchant-facing "Timeline" interface, which tracks events associated with different resources, such as orders and inventory transfers.

    During my time at Shopify I:
    • Improved Timeline's user interface and user experience.
    • Led research into optimizing Shopify's image compression.
    • Led the design and implementation of a new protocol for the context-free representation of arbitrary data, and the rendering of that data by arbitrary clients.
  • Stembolt - I spent a total of 8 months working as a software developer at Stembolt; a consultancy specializing in scalable, high-volume e-commerce applications, and the team behind the Solidus e-commerce platform.

    At Stembolt, I worked as a full-stack Ruby on Rails developer, working directly with clients to craft engaging user experiences, and improve application quality and performance.

  • Demonware - I spent the Fall of 2015 working as a software developer at Demonware; a networking services company that provides the multiplayer platform and services for games published by Activision Blizzard, including Call of Duty, Diablo III, and Destiny.

    At Demonware, I worked on improving the systems used to automate the deployment and management of Demonware's datacentre infrastructure.

  • Open-source work
    Other Work
  • UVic ECOSat satellite design team - I am developing digital signal processing (DSP) software for the modem of a low-Earth-orbit communications micro-satellite.
  • Publications